Interested in specialising in Sports and Peak Performance Hypnosis?

Understand why 45 World Champions have chosen to work with me, Stuart Walter, or as my clients know me as the Athlete’s Secret Weapon.

Over 10,000 individuals and teams over the last 18 years have had access to unique tools and processes I created, that are designed to get instant results in performance.

Traditional hypnosis and NLP processes are powerful in the right situation. 

For the elite in sports and performance, they are not as effective.

When athletes get results through these unique and fast track processes, they remain as clients over an extended period of time… And they are excited to pay for the benefits they experience.

Athletes pay base programs of $3K to fully supported programs up to $30K+ per year.

How would that look for your business and life?

And now consider a professional golfer, what if you get paid a % of winning and appearance fees? 

Golf is a mental sport and the benefits of being in the zone for 4 days could earn the player $1million+. 
Calculate commission @1% =$10,000 per tournament.

Now consider a 5% commission, how would a $50K payment be for you every time they play?

If you are already a trained hypnotherapist and passionate about sports, have a sports background and/or have a strong and confident presence (not just an excitement about the money) then I would love to share these unique processes with you. 

The processes work, my reputation is built on success and so will yours, when you apply the processes with confidence.

(These athletes all pictured are my clients) it is such an amazing niche in hypnosis. I still shake my head working with these amazing humans.

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About Me

Hi, I am Stuart Walter, I am the guy that World Champions choose to get their head in the game.

For the last 18 years as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have learnt traditional methods of hypnosis and applied them with amazing results for the traditional clientele.

Elite athletes are different! So you need a different approach.

I was there, I was competing at state and national championships in Tae Kwon Do. The difference for me was when my greatest hypnosis mentor, my Mum, a clinical hypnotherapist (now retired) took me through a session and from that moment, I was 10 foot tall and bullet proof. My skill level did not change, my mindset did and so did my results.

I did not have the benefit of a mentor, specific training or someone to guide me through this new niche. I embarked on my journey alone, knowing the benefits that I experienced as an athlete with Hypnosis. My Mum was not aware of the specific needs of the athlete, she used traditional hypnosis methods. As powerful as they were, they were just generalised and more suggestive... athletes respond to a very direct and confident approach, as they have with their coach.

Over the years, I created, tested, fine tuned and expanded on these unique fast track processes and tools. The results... mind blowing! I kept all this to myself, the more research I did on sports psychology, sport hypnosis and NLP, The more I realised I was onto something soo different. 

There is a reason why I kept this to myself! One of athletes when interviewed after achieving an Olympic Silver medal in 2012, at the age of 16...  said "I am not telling anyone about my 'Secret Weapon'. At that moment, that became the new brand. If athletes want this kept quiet, I know it is powerful and that is the reason 90+% of individual clients are through confidential referrals.

I have been very protective of these exact processes that delivered those results, I am going to share with you. Over the last 18 years (As of the 9th July 2024) 

This is the first time I am opening my processes, methods, knowledge and program outlines for other Hypnotherapists to use. After 18 years I am starting to consider how I transition into a more relaxed lifestyle and I would not be completing ‘my mission’ if these processes disappear, because every athlete needs them. I have been very proactive in creating and protecting these incredibly effective fast track processes and have only shared them with a few selected professionals until now.

Welcome to the...
Athlete’s Secret Weapon Approved Practitioner Program

You are not going to find 1000’s of success testimonials from hypnosis professionals here, yet. This is all new, it is a very lucrative niche and one with amazing opportunities such as touring contracts with athletes and teams, potentially large $ payments and long-term relationships with some of the finest athletes and teams in the world.

The Athlete’s Secret Weapon (ASW) is the name and the brand, it is what 95%+ of athletes are missing from their training. The potential is huge and until now, I have basically had it to myself.

My passion is sport and performance, if you are not 100% focused on your own personal success in life and business, then this may not be for you.

Athletes want direction and confidence in you and the processes and programs you offer. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from many struggling hypnosis practitioners, to turn a hobby into a career and watch it evolve into a professional passion. 

As much as the processes are powerful, they are flexible, interactive, and designed to mould around the client’s model of the world. These processes are not scripted, they are concepts that flow and mould specifically to the athlete. This is the key to the application and part of what I share.

If you are really interested and require Hypnosis training first, I have total professional trust in Master Practitioner and Trainer, Justine Lette, who I recommend as a Trainer. This New Zealand based trainer is aligned to my approach, 100% passion with knowledge and no BS!

Justine’s Hypnotherapy Diploma Training
Have a read and scroll down the page to find the link to book in a call with Justine. It will help you connect and to get an understanding on how passionate and professional she, her business and trainings are. Also, read the ‘about me’ section of her website. Seriously she is impressive and having spent time with her at 2 conferences, listening to her trauma without trauma presentation... It is next level.
Justine is an enthusiastic practitioner with a wealth of knowledge and I am extremely comfortable in recommending her and the training to get you started on the journey. PS her training is too cheap! It should be 2-3x what she charges, tell her that after your course is completed!

Fill this in and set up a chat with Stuart, just to confirm this is for you!

Let’s review this, 


If you are a trained hypnotherapist 


Have a passion for sports


If you want access to proven processes that world champions use


If you have the ability to hold a confident presence in a clinical environment


And… have a continuous self-focus on your personal growth


When you are ready to take the step toward this extremely rewarding niche with huge potential, then this is the Secret you may have been looking for.

Let’s face it, to attract the best athletes in the world, you must be right up there as a model of success in your world.

I have made a name in the world of peak performance mindset and was named as Livewire ‘Global Peak Performance Mindset Specialist’ early last year. So, I count myself as a World Champion too.

Imagine having 12 months+ access to unique and the best processes in the world for elite athletes and performers and supported by the best in the world for sport hypnosis. I am excited to open the doors and share the secrets to my success and the success of my clients for you.

Imagine this situation, sitting in restaurant in a city square in France, having a lasagne a glass of beer and with tears flowing down your cheeks as you realise, you are here with one of the best football (soccer) players in the world. Yes, powerful… that was me. A client for 10 days, international business class flights to and from Australia plus accommodation, meals, ticket to the game and still personally paid $10K (10 years ago). This was a dream that became a reality, and if this inspires you… let’s connect.’

My processes are deconstructed, re-imagined and fast track versions of some of the most powerful hypnosis processes around.

I am not wanting mini versions of me… ask my Mum, she thinks one of me is more than enough! 😉

What is included with this Athlete’s Secret Weapon Approved Practitioner Program is…


Unprecedented access to ALL the secret tools that world champions have used for the last 18 years.


Personal access to me, not an ‘ASW Trained Coach.’


An intense 4-day on-line training program (4 x 5 hours) over 2 weeks to accommodate life commitments and different time zones.


12 months of ongoing access to me weekly for live and recorded Q&A sessions. Covering case studies, new processes, program outlines, interesting approaches, athlete interviews and hot seat experiences.


Approval to use the Athlete's Secret Weapon Logo as marketing leverage for your business.

My processes are deconstructed, re-imagined and fast track versions of some of the most powerful hypnosis processes around.

I am not wanting mini versions of me… ask my Mum, she thinks one of me is more than enough! 😉

Now think about instantly doubling your session price, add to this client programs that pay $3K -$30K per year each. And when you find those special athletes, set them up with a % of income, touring contracts and live the life of the elite. Get paid an abundance to work and travel with some of the finest athletes in the world.

This is what I have been doing for the last 18 years, to be honest, I need a break. I am looking to evolve to a very relaxed life and will operate under a ‘choose to’ approach over the next 3-5 years.

I love sharing my knowledge with athletes and teams, now it is your turn. I am not going to let these incredible processes disappear or put them in the hands of unqualified, unprofessional and weak hypnotists.

Become an in demand Sports and Peak Performance Hypnosis Professional

Let me introduce you to Monique Rouxel, a hypnotist in New Zealand. Monique was the original practitioner I mentored.

“I approached Stuart for his experience as a hypnosis expert, in particular, in a field I knew would help me as much as it would my future clients. Stuart matches the profile you would expect for someone who works with individuals who strive for optimisation in everything they do. His approach is efficient and effective and he teaches his skills with detail and generosity. Since working with Stuart for the past 9 months, I have gathered momentum from a new hypnotherapist, who was fishing around for my direction, who was following the pattern of many other hypnotherapists, looking for as many tools as possible, but not utilising my resources to execute them to create any real significance as a business entrepreneur. Since adopting Stuart’s methodology I have consistently created a client base that has gathered $6-10k months, now on track to gather a minimum of $15-20k months in the next few months and beyond. If high achievement, in sports or as a professional is a niche that could fulfil your passion- I HIGHLY recommend Stuart as a mentor !!

I was fortunate to have Stuart mentor me with the ASW Processes for over 12 months. The information, wisdom and experience he was able to share with me was incredible. The Unique techniques that Stuart personally developed far surpasses the traditional hypnosis techniques that are largely populated. Elite athletes are a tier above general population physically & mentally, therefor require specialised techniques & processes to meet that. I was able to establish my own business as a ASW practitioner and with a couple of Stuart’s unique processes I specifically guided several of my clients with the edge over their competitors with international success in pole vaulting, track sprints, endurance events, weightlifting and many more. If your passionate about sports and helping athletes beyond just their performance statistics, Stuart’s mentorship is something to be incredibly excited about & honoured to have.”

Monique Rouxel
New Zealand 

Athlete's Secret Weapon Approved Practitioner #1


This step for me is about my legacy, sharing what was previously very well-guarded. Only a few like Monique were taken on and when she applied the processes, it delivered international podiums and she has built her own success off this.

If this inspires you, if you want to be one of the first in the world with these processes and would like me to guide you through these, then… take a big breath and let’s do it.

The initial block training is 4 days of 4 hours online and in a group environment. These other practitioners will also form the base of long-term connections for future collaborations and support.


Your investment other than time is $3295 $USD (roughly $4,995 AUD/ £2,550/ €3,010 depending on exchange rates)


$1000 USD deposit and Payment plans are available over 6 months for the balance.


$295 USD off, if you pay in advance. 


Restricted practitioner numbers worldwide, allows for increased clients and fees.


This is a 12-month minimum supported program, it may take you this long to understand the 20+ processes and apply them with confidence.


At 12 months though, you still have access still to all the processes, logos and training, so it really is lifetime (my working life) support.


An outline of the sessions and programs I have created suited to athletes.


Access to the processes, and resources and tools and my experience in the application in a clinical and sporting environment. 


Access to me weekly in a 2 hour ‘Locker Room’ session to learn more processes, finetune others, case studies, outcome variables and hot seat experiences. These will all be recorded and timed to suit as many time zones as I can internationally.


Access to rejoin the ASW Practitioner intake for a second time, as a confidence booster.


After 3 months, and practical testing, the ‘Athlete’s Secret Weapon Approved Practitioner logo’ and access to use (not abuse) the processes, resources and tools is granted.

Additionally, I will have a listing of ‘Approved Practitioners’ on my website and will be actively referring to you if you are the most suitable and local practitioner... or the potential client can choose their preference if you are working online too!

Monique mentions above, "and he teaches his skills with detail and generosity", I will always deliver more than you are offered. 

As an example... When I am overloaded or have a major team that needs additional support, I will also reach out to you to assist/ manage/ takeover depending on your location and capability at the time.

Initially, you will be limited to usage of the processes for yourself and your clients only. 

Training other practitioners is welcomed and only limited to the next level Athlete's Secret Weapon Approved Trainer and only available after 6 months and through application and practical demonstration of knowledge and confident demonstration in a real situation.

After 12 months, you still have access to all the learning, teachings, exposure on the practitioner website page and the use of logos. And because I appreciate constant improvement and fine tuning, you will have access to the weekly Zoom 'Locker Room'

If you are wanting a greater level of support, after the initial 4-day training and additional to this program, I am available to work 1 on 1 with you at a 50% reduced rate (off retail price)

To get started, a $1000 deposit will secure your space to the first or the next group intake. I expect to cap the numbers 8 per group, I want to ensure you are getting your value and not lost in a crowd.

The following payments will then begin 1 month following the intake. 

With the balance of payment made over the following 5 months (6 in total)

I am excited to share this worldwide, I know the numbers of athletes at the elite level that are not doing any level of mindset training and the opportunities for you are enormous.

The ASW Approved Practitioner numbers will be limited to 55, I hope to create demand and its own success environment by limiting the numbers of amazing practitioners who apply the processes as intended. I am aiming for high quality to again increase demand and a client funnel worldwide for you.

I also imagine, face to face weekend workshops and international conferences in the near future.

If you are excited to take on this speciality niche in Sport and Peak Performance Hypnosis, how about a personal call with me, one on one, via Zoom or in person if you are in Brisbane Australia, fill in the form below and let’s set something up.

Let's have a chat to get you inspired and to lock in your seat.

Athlete’s Secret Weapon 

Brisbane QLD 4017, Australia